Miaoli Delicacies‧Xianshan Grass Jelly
  • Xianshan Grass Jelly is in Shitan. The store has been running since 1950, and has passed on to the third generation. The grass jelly is made with pure spring water, Mesona chinensis and potassium carbonate. It takes 8 hours to cook the grass jelly. Other than grass jelly, the store also serves Hakka rice related products.
    In 2005, the factory was rebuilt. The innovative ideas were added to the traditional business. The owner would like to provide various and new products to customers while keeping the old traditions.
  • Old Tradition Combines New Ideas

    The spacious and bright surrounding is designed on the base of traditional style. There are old aquarium and antique windows in the store.
  • Grass Jelly Products

    There are all kinds of grass jelly products in the store. The grass jelly is perfect for hot summer days.
  • Winter Limited‧Hot Grass Jelly

    Hot grass jelly is winter limited product. There are 4 different ingredients inside the hot grass jelly, including lotus seed, pearl barley, peanut and Lycium chinensis.
  • Fried Grass Jelly

    One of the most popular products in store is the fried grass jelly. When you take a bite, you can still savor the original flavor of grass jelly. The unique taste makes it the most popular product.
  • Grass Jelly Dumplings

    The outer skin of the grass jelly is made with flour and grass jelly. The filling of the dumplings contain meat and grass jelly. When you savor, you can taste the fine aroma of grass jelly.
  • Grass Jelly Cold Noodles

    The color of grass jelly cold noodles is gray. The noodles is made with grass jelly. It tastes super springy. There is also daily soup along with the grass jelly cold noodles.
  • Information

    《Opening hours》

    《Booking hotline》037-931318、037-932318、0910-517466,Fax:037-931933

    《Promotions and news》
    ◎Our Facebook fan page “Xianshan Grass Jelly” has already established. Feel free to add us and receive the latest news from us.
    ◎The second floor of the store is now available for customers. The second floor area provides only for customers who
     order meal set and the seats required to make reservation in advance.

    《Persistence of the store》
    ◎All the grass jelly products have no antiseptic or borax added. As a result, the expiration date is only 7 days. please finish
      the products as soon as possible.

    《Home delivery information》The store provides home delivery services.

    ●Grass jelly meal
     Grass jelly chicken
     Grass jelly rice noodles
     Grass jelly ramen
     Grass jelly fried noodles
     Grass jelly cold noodles
     Grass jelly dumplings
    ●Hakka cuisine
     Hakka-style meal set
    ●Vegetarian food
     Buddhist meal set
    ●Grass jelly related products
     Grass jelly chicken
     Fried grass jelly
    ●Hakka snack
     Fried radish cake
     Turnip soup
     Fried red bean rice cake
     Hakka salty rice dumplings
    ●Sweet delight
     Hakka mochi
     Brown sugar cake
     Healthy brown sugar cake
     Grass jelly with honey
     Grass jelly with milk
     Grass jelly with red bean milk
     Grass jelly tea
    ●Gift package
     Grass jelly chicken 450NTD/3 pieces
     Navel cake 120NTD/8 packs, 180NTD/12packs

    《Traffic information》

    ◎Chinese version:苗栗美食‧仙山仙草

    Address: No.62, Xindian, Shitan Township, Miaoli County 354, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:037-931318、037-932318、0910-517466